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The Question of Existence and Purpose

A client of mine who is writing several articles on the subject, posed some interesting questions to me to include in his survey.  I figured that this sums up my spiritual beliefs (in case anyone's interested).  So here they are:

1.) Why do you believe you exist? What do you feel your purpose is? What has lead you to those beliefs?

I believe that we exist (as humans) to simply experience life in physical form.  We are here to learn and evolve in a way that we normally wouldn't in the other realm, so to speak.  I believe we have souls and that our souls are evolving in a way that only human experiences can allow it.  I believe that when we return to our non-physical selves, we experience love, non-judgment, acceptance, understanding and an all-knowingness.  I also believe that we are all one with existence.

I believe that my purpose in this lifetime is to become a teacher of sorts.  My book that I am in the midst of editing, I believe, is a segue into that mission.  I don't know how or why I believe this.  I suppose that I have a gut feeling that this is what I'm meant to do.  I have learned over the years that I must listen to my intuition and let that guide me more than I have allowed it to in the past.  I was always one to strive to understand my true purpose, and I never truly felt that I had found it.  Well, 33 years later, I have finally figured it out.  I just needed to listen to the universe more than I had.

My beliefs developed in my 20's but took form in my 30’s.  To be honest, quantum physics is what began opening my mind to what or who God is, why we're here, and how we can best live our lives (I watched the movie What the Bleep do We Know).  Then I experienced health issues because I developed rheumatoid arthritis.  I became conscious of the foods I ate and my mental state-of-mind, which I believe played a part in the disease's development (I don't believe that I needed to develop it physically, but I also believe that by having it, I have evolved more as a human being).  The change in my eating habits (I became vegan and gluten-free, and kind of became a super diligent about it) prompted my older sister to recommend I read the book, “Dying to be Me,” by Anita Moorjani.  This sparked my complete interest in near-death-experiences, and I read tons and tons of books and accounts on the subject.  It all seemed to correlate with a deep-seeded belief system that I never really recognized until I read these accounts.  It was like I was woken up to our true purpose here on Earth.

2.) Do you believe your potential is unlimited? Why do you believe that? or why don't you believe that?

I do believe my potential is unlimited.  Everything created on Earth was created by someone/ something else.  When we grow up, we are indoctrinated into various belief systems and negativities, and this in turn sets boundaries that we believe as young ones that we have to follow.  I have to remind myself everyday that I am a limitless being (aside from certain physical limitations).  But even the physical limitations can be overcome.  I often think, if everyone on Earth believed human beings could regrow limbs, would that in turn give every human being the ability to regrow lost limbs? I know this seems extreme, but why do we set so many limitations on ourselves when there's no need for that (other than keeping us safe as young kids).  I see the power of thought/ mind at work everyday of my existence, and I see how fear-based people are, including me!  If we could overcome this and live our lives from a loving perspective, perhaps we could conquer disease and destroy those made-up limitations instead of following the voice inside of our heads saying that things are impossible or that it's "just the way things are."  It's not!  Steve Jobs is a great example of someone who never let anyone get in the way of his vision.  He was amazing at making his team do the "impossible" by making them believe it was possible.  All he did was believe it!  He had some negative attributes, but I was incredibly impressed by him.  And look at how much the technology industry has changed because of him.  And just from his vision, others built upon that and will continue building upon it.  It just shows how connected we all are and how limitless we all are.  It also shows us that we are capable of manifesting our own reality.

The reason I believe this is because of my rheumatoid arthritis.  I have done a lot of self-reflection, asking myself why I got this disease.  I have come to the conclusion that it is really of my own doing.  I'm not berating myself; I'm just understanding the power of the human mind versus the unlimited mind (the soul).  Illness so often makes people slow down and look at their lives more closely.  It certainly did for me.

3.) If you had eternity to work out something you were passionate about, what would it be?

Really, the thing that I am most passionate about is showing people how to get past their own limitations (it's the teacher in me).  It pains me to see so many human beings play the victim and believe that life is out to get them.  I watch commercial after commercial talking about disease, and I want to smash the screen.  We are becoming indoctrinated to believe that we're all going to get sick and that certain kinds of people can't surpass certain limitations.  If we stop believing our own voices, this world would be a better place.  It is the human mind that puts an emotion to an event (it's "good" or "bad").  Isn't it funny how two people can look at something and see it in entirely different ways?  That tells you that we humans, based on our own judgments, experiences and belief systems put a value on things.  Objectively, though, an event is merely an event, and we can choose to suffer through life by being miserable all the time, or we can be happy and look at the positive side of things (sometimes it's very difficult to do, I'll admit).  Also, if we could learn to love and accept each other, it would also make us a better place.  Part of my belief system is that we are all one being (God) having different human experiences.  When we “die” (cease existing in a physical form), I believe that we become aware that we are one being, so all of this fighting that we do with one another becomes completely meaningless.  However, it's all part of our experiences here.  The reason why we do not remember that we are all connected is for a reason: It's the difference between knowing and experiencing different lives from different perspectives.

4.) If money wasn't an issue, what would you choose to do with your skills and talents for a lifetime?

I would be doing exactly what I'm doing.  Every choice I have made, whether I look at it negatively or positively, was my choice.  I have only myself to blame (or thank) for my life.  I choose to look at my life in a very positive way.  I am content in where I am and where I seem to be going.  I want to live in the present moment more and not regret anything in the past or worry about the future.  Part of my belief system is that we chose our parents and the people who have come into our lives for the purpose of learning something specific in our lifetimes.  I like this viewpoint because it takes away the blame that I used to have.  I used to blame people for things that I have likely chosen for myself for a reason.  It actually gives me some solace to look at my life and think, "Why did I choose these parents, these siblings, this husband?"  It allows me to take more responsibility for myself and my life.

5.) Do you believe that our passions are innate or do you believe they are developed? Why do you believe what you believe?

I do believe that our passions are innate.  Based on my belief system, I suppose that we all chose our lives to help us pursue our passions to the best of our abilities, even if it seems like we have to overcome a lot of hurdles to get there.  Perhaps those hurdles were to help us understand our passions (like my rheumatoid arthritis).  Perhaps we had parents that brought those passions out of us, even if we felt like we were always fighting against them at one time.  Perhaps our friends or spouses initiated that passion.  Either way, going back to what I said earlier, I believe that we have each set up our lives to experience certain things in human form, and our unique passions are part of that.