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Psychic Reading

Psychics: Does anyone believe in them?

I do and I don’t.  I believe in the idea of them, but I also believe in the idea of fast-talkers and overly confident swindlers.

However, I met a self-proclaimed medical psychic many years ago.  She is a friend of my sister’s, and she didn’t strike me as anyone looking to make a buck on my gullibility.  So four years ago, I called her for advice on my arthritis and my love interest at the time.  What she said rang so true that I called her again a few days ago for more much-needed advice.  Turns out, this was the best decision I could have made.  The universe nudged me to make the call, I’m sure of it.

My two most pressing issues of the moment are,
1.)  Will I ever have a baby?
2.)  Will my book ever be published?

I decided to ask about the baby first, but she didn’t seem to want to talk about that quite yet.  She asked, “What do you do for a living?”

For those skeptics out there who think, Well, if she’s psychic, shouldn’t she already knooooow what you do for a living? the answer is, not really.  My understanding of how she works is that she directs the conversation so that she can pick up on “whispers” or knowings.  You are as much a part of the reading as she is.

Anyway, I mentioned that I am writing a book and that my husband works from home, so we’re both very stress-free.  My thought was that she is trying to assess how stressed I am, which I have heard, always interferes with getting pregnant.

“You’re book is going to be very successful!” she says, out of the blue.
My heart stops.  Suddenly, I perk up, realizing that the book to me is so much more important than the baby topic at this particular moment.  So I go with it, eager to hear more about my book.

“What do you mean, ‘successful’?” I ask, both giddy and frightened to hear the answer.  The book is just too important to me right now to hear anything less than amazing news.

So here’s what she said.  Please understand, I told her nothing of the book, and so all of this comes from her alone:

“It's very interesting, Pattie.  You HAVE to make this book a priority in your life.  Your book will create a new heading under adult fiction.  It's going to be about the ‘Self’ under fiction.  You’re book is opening up a greater in-depth awareness to humanity.  You ARE a writer.  You’re going to have to find a way to publish with a publisher.  Do not self-publish.  No matter what publisher you choose, you’re going to get published.  Your book is about Awareness.  Be extremely consciousness about what you’re opening up, Pattie.  You’re not opening up self-help––it is about Self Awareness.  Our struggles on earth have to do with loss of identity.  Your book is going to open up people's self-AWARENESS!  We're hungry for it in America and the world.  We're disconnected from God and spirituality.  What we have left is superficiality.  Self-awareness is crucial.  Your book is really, really important.  Make sure you speak in the first person.”

Well!  For those of you who know that I’m writing a book, I had never expected this to come from someone who had no idea what my book was about.  It had never dawned on me that my book was anything more than a beach read, although my intention was for something much more than that.  It was, indeed, started in the hopes that it will help people feel allowed to be and accept themselves, no matter what.

So I ask you!  Do you believe in psychics?  I have to say, I want to believe more than anything that what she said was and will be true.  I have been thinking about my psychic reading with her for the past few days, and what rang true to me was this: There has been something pushing me to write this particular book for months now––a nagging internal voice that gives me the words to write my story down on the page.  I don’t know why.  Most days I end up hating what I write, wanting to give up and never look at it again.  But those days pass and I go back to where I left off and continue on, still not loving what I wrote, but not hating it as much.  The process has sometimes been brutal.  The self-doubt the creeps in will cripple almost every writer, but I have to believe (I want to believe) that there is more to my determination in finishing it than I even know.

Is this the universe speaking to me?  Is this my destiny?  It feels like it is!  We’ll see what the future holds for my book, and in the meantime, I will continue listening to the whispers of my internal voices, pushing me to write everyday, no matter how difficult it is.  I suppose that’s what having a destiny feels like––it’s a path I was always meant to be on.  It’s riding a wave instead of swimming against it.  The universe nudges us in the right directions, even if it doesn’t always feel that way, and until we can quiet our minds and listen to the truth of our souls, it may take some of us longer than planned to arrive.  For me, if you have followed my blog, I have been waiting my whole life for this moment in my life, when my path is clear.  No more questions, no more second-guessing.  I am following my gut on this one.  I will write finish my book and get it published.

It’s not the psychic that makes me a believer, it’s a belief in myself this time.